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Charco Wave Kettle

Charco Wave Kettle

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The Essential Household Activated Charcoal Water Pre-Filter Kettle!

Elevate the quality of your water and embrace a healthier lifestyle with the Charco Wave. This innovative kettle features an activated charcoal water pre-filter, ensuring that every sip is a refreshing experience free from impurities.

Advanced Water Filtration

The Charco Wave Kettle utilizes the natural purifying power of activated charcoal to filter out impurities from your water. Enjoy crisp, clean water for all your household needs, from drinking to cooking.

Natural and Sustainable

Harness the benefits of activated charcoal, a natural and eco-friendly filtration solution. The Charco Wave pre-filter provides an effective and sustainable way to improve the taste and quality of your water without the need for harmful chemicals or using plastic bottles.

Improved Water Taste

Bid farewell to unpleasant odors and tastes in your water. The activated charcoal in the Charco Wave efficiently absorbs and removes impurities, resulting in a noticeable enhancement of the overall taste and clarity of your water.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The user-friendly design of the Charco Wave Kettle makes it easy to incorporate into your daily life. The activated charcoal filter is replaceable and easy to maintain, providing a hassle-free solution to keep your water consistently pure.

Upgrade your household water experience with the Charco Wave Kettle – where innovation meets purity. Enjoy the refreshing difference in every drop!

General Product Description:
Size: 26*135*26cm
Material: plastic
Filter element: activated carbon
Capacity: 3.5L
Size: 26*135*26cm
Type of accessories: water purifier filter element


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