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Charco Wave Filter

Charco Wave Filter

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The Ultimate Water Purification Solution!

Net kettle filter ensuring a consistent and high-quality water experience.
Charco Wave Filter Element employs advanced technology to provide the best water purification, effectively removing impurities, improving water quality, and mitigating scale buildup. 

Perfectly suited for pre-filter applications, Charco Wave Kettle Filter ensures that your water is treated even before reaching your kettle. This strategic positioning maximizes the effectiveness of water treatment, resulting in a pure and refined taste.

Scale Removal and Water Softening

Beyond purification, the NetGuard Kettle Filter goes the extra mile by actively removing scale and softening water quality. Say goodbye to the challenges of scale buildup and experience the benefits of consistently soft and pure water.

Efficient and Convenient

With a generous capacity of 150 liters, the NetGuard Kettle Filter offers extended usage before requiring replacement.

Its efficient design and easy installation make maintenance a breeze, ensuring a continuous flow of purified water.

Upgrade your water purification experience with the Charco Wave Kettle Filter – where capacity, precision, and efficacy converge to redefine the standard of pure water.

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